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Address: Technologiepark 4
9052 Ghent - Zwijnaarde
BTW BE 047
Phone Number: +32 9 261.06.32
Year Founded: 2001
Ownership: Private

Company Overview:
Ablynx is a Belgium based biopharmaceutical R&D company, spun out from the Flanders Interuniversity Institute for Biotechnology and the Vrije Universiteit Brussels. The company applies a broad developmental platform that is based on a novel class of single-domain antibodies in order to develop a line of human therapeutics that will have applications in various types of oncological, inflammatory as well as immune diseases.

Ablynx’s specially designed antibodies are much smaller than conventional antibodies—measuring about one tenth the size. Due to their smaller dimensions, these antibodies can be used to penetrate more effectively into organs or tissues upon administration as therapeutic drugs. Furthermore, Ablynx’s engineered antibodies can bind to other therapeutic targets which are not accessible for conventional antibodies, including active site cavities in enzymes or receptors. The antibodies are very simple in construction and can be produced very effectively by using a yeast fermentation process. This provides a significant monetary savings benefits, particularly during large scale production.

Products and Services:
Ablynx has established itself as bio-medical innovator since it discovered a special group of therapeutic proteins called Nanobodies®. These specialized proteins are constructed in such away that they are far more durable that basic antibodies. This has led to their use in treating disorders and diseases which are also called therapeutic targets. This unique accessibility has led to Nanobodies being in high demand as part full therapeutic regimens to deal with serious and life-threatening diseases in the form of drug products.

The Nanobody® technology was originally discovered at Free University of Brussels by scientists examining the properties of certain antibodies called camelidae. Intellectual property and supportive technologies were developed based upon this discovery by the Flanders Interuniversity Institute for Biotechnology.

The company’s therapeutic programs have adopted a progressive strategy for target selection and clinical development. It is a strategy designed to fully utilize the known advantages of Nanobodies®, including their cavity binding property and their ability to act in a bi-specific or bi-functional fashion. Ablynx currently has three Nanobody programs that are occupying the pre-clinical stage of development:

The first one is an injectable treatment for Rheumatoid Arthritis. The second is formulation is an orally administered version that can be used for the treatment of Inflammatory Bowel Disease. The third Nanobody® formulation is injectable and is targeted as a preventative medication to stop the emergence of thrombosis related to arterial stenosis.

In addition to these programs, Ablynx has lead identification programs in solid tumors, Alzheimer’s, and psoriasis and several early-stage research programs dealing with inflammation, infectious disease, and oncology.

Key Personnel Facts:
Edwin Moses: Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board
Wim Ottevaere: Chief Financial Officer:
Hennie R. Hoogenboom: Chief Scientific Officer
Eva-Lotta Allan: Chief Business Officer
Hans De Haard, Jr.: PhD Scientific Director:
Torsten Dreier: Director of Therapeutic Drug Development
Frank Landolt: IP and Legal Counsel

Key Financial Facts:
Not publicly disclosed

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